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            The SolarWinds cloud monitoring portfolio helps provide full-stack visibility, from user experience to custom metrics, distributed traces, and log management.


            Application and infrastructure monitoring

            • Application Performance Monitoring: Trace and visualize application bottlenecks
            • Server and Infrastructure Monitoring: Your key metrics in real-time dashboards
            • Custom Metrics and Analytics: Get amazing application, infrastructure, and business insights
            • Tight integration allowing you to drill down directly into the associated logs from a trace request
            • Common agent: Simplify deployment and management with a shared agent across AppOptics and Loggly for distributed tracing and log forwarding
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            Web performance management

            • Test your websites or web apps every minute from locations all over the world utilizing uptime monitoring
            • Continuously enhance the users’ digital experience on your website with visitor insights
            • Track your website’s load time and find bottlenecks with page speed monitoring
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            Cloud-hosted log management

            • Get instant log visibility across your systems – simple to set up and easy-to-use
            • Troubleshoot with full text search; tail, interpret, and act on real-time log streams
            • Analyze, create data streams, manage events, and get alerts from saved searches. Identify patterns and anomalies using log velocity analytics
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