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            Fast, powerful searching over massive volumes of log data

            We make each step faster, easier, and more collaborative.

            Aggregate & analyze logs from any source.

            • Linux

            • Node.js

            • Nginx

            • Apache

            • JavaScript

            • Windows system logs

            • Docker

            • Python

            • Java Logback (syslog)

            • PHP Syslog

            • Rails

            • Logstash

            • .NET

            • AWS Lambda

            • Amazon CloudWatch

            • Amazon ELB

            View all log sources

            Loggly is trusted by customers worldwide

            Loggly 3.0 charts give us a variety of ways to quickly visualize data, and its dashboards let us organize this data in the most useful ways for detecting and understanding the problems that arise in software and infrastructure.

            Ryan Jung Site Reliability Engineer

            Anyone with more than six or seven microservices
            in production on more than 20 servers
            simply must centralize the log data.
            Loggly is a no-brainer.

            Mohit Khanna Senior Cloud Architect

            More monitoring, more collaboration, better insight.

            Loggly’s log management service integrates into the engineering processes of teams employing continuous deployment and DevOps practices to reduce MTTR, improve service quality, accelerate innovation, and make better use of valuable development resources.

            See it all in one place. Dozens of log sources, no proprietary agents.

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