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            Fields play an important role within the Search interface. Fields may be available in the following areas:

            Field Explorer
            Fields that are faceted will appear in this column.
            Event view
            Clicking to expand on an event will show any fields that are available within.
            Grid view
            All available field names will be available as columns in the tabular view.
            Only fields with numeric values are available for the statistic charts. Only fields with faceted values will be available for grouping series’ of results.

            Field Explorer

            Dynamic Field Explorer


            Click on a field name to see the top values. In order to filter your search results to see only events with a specific value, click a field value. You’ll see a Venn Diagram icon display & the filter will display below the search box. If more than one value is selected from a field, either of the two values may be within an event. If values from different fields are chosen, then both of the values must be present in an event.

            Fields filter


            To remove a filter, click either on the value name in the left panel, or on the filter pill itself.

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