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            By nerds. For nerds.

            Machine data is large and unwieldy. Yet rich stories lie hidden within these endless lines of text. At Loggly, we are dedicated to the challenge of bringing data to life.

            • 10,000 customers and counting
            • 1/3 of the Fortune 500
            • >370 billion log events under management

            What we believe.

            • The systems that support the business generate the data that can optimize the business.
            • Teams supporting and developing world-class apps deserve a world-class team of their own.
            • Our job is to do the hard work that makes monitoring and analysis elegant and simple, to save you time.
            • Our customer is right and is our reason to push innovation further.
            • We are still learning new things every day.

            Get in touch

            535 Mission Street, Ste 2100
            San Francisco, CA 94105
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